It’s MAY!

Oh! Happy Day! It’s May, it’s May!

good morning


Starting tomorrow, I’ll have a brand new line of refrigerator magnets, wrapped stones, and random screen printed items available, because I know how much y’all love my design work and I want to share with you! Yes, you can have your very own Oxytocin ( and other happiness molecules) tee designed by yours truly!

May is an incredible month, and my second-favorite. There are some REALLY awesome geeky things that happen in May.

First of all, May is National Hamburger Month, and  Date Your Mate Month. Now, I don’t have a mate except myself, so I’m going to be dating myself like whoa all month long. First up –  Avengers: Age of Ultron. I’ll let you know how it goes, whether I hold my hand or not.

Next, the daily holidays. Man, these spark my geeky tinglers something fierce!

World Press Freedom Day – May 3rd – We recognize and celebrate the value of the sacrifices that journalists made in fighting for the freedom of expression. UNESCO awards a journalist who has made major contributions over the preceding year.

May the Fourth – May 4th – In 2005, a German News Tv channel N24 interview erroneously translated this famous Star Wars quote. In German, “May the force be with you”, was incorrectly interpreted as “We are with you on May 4th”. I’m pretty sure the 501st would have come up with this at some point, even if the mis-translation hadn’t happened.

No Socks Day – May 8th – Pretty self-descriptive. I’m almost always without socks, though. I live in flip-flops or stilettos, unless I’m exercising. Then I’m barefoot. It’s important for me to be able to connect with the ground – which is WAY off-topic. So, yeah. Don’t wear socks next Friday, OK? OK!

Lost Sock Memorial Day – May 9th – Possibly an apropos follow-up to No Socks Day. Perhaps you can mismatch your socks, or simply continue going without for one more day. Then chuck all the single socks into your donate bin or rag bag and move on with life. Better yet, make puppets in memoriam.


Twilight Zone Day – May 11th – Not unlike Rod Sterling’s stories, the origin of this day is a mystery. It really has some random beginning that no one seems to know, or even speculate, about (perhaps also like the stories in Mr. Sterling’s brain). How about that for an excuse to binge watch The Twilight Zone? yeah, I don’t need an excuse, either.

International Museum Day – May 18th – Oh, how my geeky heart squeals with delight over anything sciencey. Sadly, this is not a SCFD free day. Maybe if I look cute enough, they’ll let me into the Museum of Nature and Science, anyway. Word around the campfire is that they have a brand new gem exhibit. Be still, my wire-wrapping heart!

Towel Day – May 25th – Don’t forget your towel. My love for Douglas Adams runs deep, and I host an event every year. I’ll post the deets in the coming days, in case you want to join in. The official hashtag is #towelday.

Phoenix Comicon – May 28-31 – This really is THE premier event in the Southwest for the GeekTopia. Even though I resigned in 2014, my heart is still here. This is the first convention where my work meant anything, and I dearly love Matt for letting me be a part for the 4 years I was. I am really hoping to attend this year, since I missed last year. That will depend entirely on scheduling, of course. Here’s to being able to take a week in Phoenix at the end of the month, in the unbearably hot, dry ick that accompanies the convention every year. Mmmmmm! Sweaty Geeks 😉


What happens for you in May? LMK


Calling All Desire Map Licensees

Desire Map Book 1
So, you’re a Desire Map Licensee? That’s great news! I absolutely adore The Desire Map and all the licensees I’ve interacted with! With that in mind, I’m offering a special rate just for those of you who aren’t sure how to get your flyers and graphics created – whether you don’t have the skill, time, or desire.

I charge a flat fee of $25 for 3-4 versions of your first graphic/flyer/other thing. This leaves you plenty to choose from, and I will adjust your favorite as many times as it takes for you to LOVE it. Because these are based on templates only licensees have access to, they will always fall within Danielle’s parameters.

If you want a site graphic AND a flyer, the additional template personalization is ONLY $5, also for 3-4 versions each. Again, because you will include your template with your order, there will be nothing created from scratch.

This can happen in as little as a few hours, or as long as a few weeks. It all depends on your schedule and how much time you are committing to marketing your Desire Map workshops and retreats.

This also fulfills my CDFs of coming alive, being generous, and being engaged in a world I love!

Are you ready to get your graphics and printables? Email me!